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Eating Better. Moving More. Feeling Good.

The PowerUp initiative makes it easy and fun for everyone to eat better, move more and live healthier lives by providing activities for kids, as well as fruit and veggie-inspired recipes for the whole family. We do this important work in partnership with our members, patients, colleagues and communities through programs, tools and resources that support and inspire change.

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PowerUp Recipes

Find yummy, kid-approved fruit and vegetable recipes to PowerUp all day long.

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The PowerUp Press

PowerUp Press is our newsletter to help children and families eat better, move more and feel good. Learn about nutrition, healthy play and other wellness activities you can do together. It gets delivered right to your inbox!

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PowerUp Magazines

These PowerUp magazines are packed with recipes, activities, science experiments, mazes and more. Check out each issue for fun ways for the whole family to PowerUp.

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Eat Better

PowerUp helps kids get curious about fruits and veggies with fun ideas for introducing them in the kitchen, at the table, and with games and activities.

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Move More

PowerUp helps families find creative ideas for moving more, no matter the weather, with fun activities for the whole family. Learn some techniques for using movement to fight boredom, the wiggles or even a bad mood.

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Feel Good

PowerUp inspires kids and families to recharge and feel good with simple activities like music, art, journaling, stretching, dancing and more.

Does your family use PowerUp programs, tools and resources?

PowerUp is a community wellness initiative from HealthPartners. It improves the health of members, patients and families with programs, tools and resources to promote eating better, moving more and feeling good, including healthy recipes, activities and games for kids and educational videos.

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