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Choosing the right plan

Feel confident picking the best plan for your family’s needs.

Find the right plan for my family

When you’re picking a new insurance plan, it’s important to know what plan fits your needs. The Plan for Me tool makes it easy for you to compare your options, see whether your prescriptions are covered and see if your doctor is in network.

You may have received logon information at your open enrollment kickoff meeting. If your employer doesn’t use Plan for Me, don’t worry. There are a lot of great tips and information below.

Top 10 questions to ask

You likely have a lot of questions when you’re choosing a new insurance plan. But do you know what questions you should be asking other than, “How much will it cost?” Learn what questions to ask and where to get answers.

Can I still see my doctor?

Search the networks to see whether your favorite doctor is in network. For the most accurate search results, use the network and drug list names your employer provided. (Find your network and drug list names in the booklet you received during your insurance kick-off meeting.)

Visit the blog

Simple is good. That’s why we created a health insurance blog. We’ve got answers to all your insurance questions. We also have tips about saving money when you need care.

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What makes HealthPartners different?

HealthPartners is 22,000 people who believe in the power of good. It’s our passion and culture. It’s in our DNA. Watch some of our favorite stories of our members and patients making our community better.

Need another reason to pick HealthPartners? As a member, you get discounts and savings, as well as support before and during trips around the world.

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