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New or changing insurance plans

Find the right plan with the right coverage, and then enroll online.

I want to look at medical plans

Take a look at the insurance plans available in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. See your options, so that you can choose a deductible and premium that are right for you. You can also see which doctors and clinics are in network.

See Minnesota plans
See Wisconsin plans

I want to look at dental plans

If you’re buying your own dental insurance, we have information about that, too. You can add a dental plan to any HealthPartners medical plan. Or, you can add it to medical insurance you have with another company.

See dental plans

When can I enroll in a plan?

Every year, open enrollment starts in November and ends in December or January. Anyone can enroll in a health insurance plan during open enrollment. And you can enroll in a plan outside of open enrollment in some cases.

See if I qualify for a special enrollment

Do I qualify for a tax credit?

Did you know that you might qualify for a tax credit that helps you pay for HealthPartners insurance? If you live in Minnesota, you can check MNsure. If you live in Wisconsin, you can check

See if I qualify through MNsure in Minnesota

See if I qualify through in Wisconsin

What insurance terms should I know?

We agree - health insurance terms can be confusing. But we make things easy in this helpful glossary. In it, you’ll find the most commonly used insurance terms and what they mean.

See a glossary of insurance terms

Need to talk to someone?


When you’re enrolling in a new plan, you might have questions. Get in touch with us by calling 952-883-5599 or 877-838-4949.

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