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Peak plans

Save money with a smaller network

If you live in the Twin Cities and want to save money, Peak plans are the perfect choice. Peak plans offer a smaller network of top-notch care at HealthPartners, Park Nicollet and a few handpicked clinics.

All plans offer 100 percent coverage for routine and preventive care. You also get access to virtuwell – our online clinic that treats everyday medical problems.

There are 11 Peak plans to choose from, so you’re certain to find something that fits your lifestyle.

  Gold Silver Bronze HSA Catastrophic
Individual deductible $500–$1000 $1,800–$2,350 $5,050–$6,850 $4,100–$6,500 $6,850
Family deductible $1,000–$2,000 $3,600–$4,700 $10,100–$13,700 $8,200–$13,000 $13,700
Coinsurance You pay 20% You pay 25% You pay
You pay
You pay 0%
Individual out-of-pocket maximum $6,000–$6,600 $6,850 $6,850 $4,100–$6,500 $6,850
Family out-of-pocket maximum $12,000–$13,200 $13,700 $13,700 $8,200–$13,000 $13,700

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