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Medicare coverage while you travel

Instead of worrying about your insurance while you travel, you can focus on your travel plans. With HealthPartners Medicare plans, you’re covered. Whether you want to go on a last-minute vacation or head away for the winter, you’ll get coverage in the U.S.

With a HealthPartners Cost plan, you can travel outside your plan’s service area for up to nine months each year. As long as you stay within the United States, you’ll be covered with in-network benefits.

With a HealthPartners Medicare Advantage plan, you’ll have in-network coverage up to nine months out of the year when traveling within the U.S. and outside your state of residence for at least one month.

Notifying HealthPartners of travel plans

Let us know when you’ll be gone and we’ll activate your Extended Absence Benefit or Visitor/Traveler Benefit. Just call the number on the back of your card. You can also log on to your account to activate this benefit.

What doctors can I see?

When you go to the doctor while you’re traveling, be sure to see a doctor who participates in Medicare. If you see a doctor who doesn’t participate in Medicare, you might not get coverage. Sometimes doctors require a copay. If you end up paying a copay with a Medicare provider, you can submit a claim to have it reimbursed.

Emergency care coverage and Assist America, Inc.

If something unexpected happens while you’re more than 100 miles from home or in a foreign country, you’ll have Assist America on your side. Call 24/7 nationwide and worldwide to talk to experienced clinicians who can help determine your need for medical care or coordinate post-stabilization transportation to the nearest facility or home. Learn more at Assist America, Inc., (this link will take you away from the website).

Always remember to call 911 or go to the nearest emergency center if you need immediate care.

Last updated October 2019

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