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I always wanted to be a mom… someday

But I wasn’t thinking about motherhood when I was in college. I felt invincible, like most college kids do.

After college, I got a job and got married. But when the time felt right to start a family, we tried without luck for a year.

Not sure what the problem was, I made an appointment with my doctor.

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My doctor told me I had chlamydia

At the appointment, my doctor told me he was including tests for sexually transmitted diseases. I laughed it off. Not me. No way. 

When the doctor came back with the test results, he told me I had chlamydia – the most common of all STDs. My doctor said I likely contracted it several years earlier and explained that chlamydia often doesn't cause symptoms in women.

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In a follow-up visit, he broke the most devastating news of all.

“I wasn’t able to get pregnant because the chlamydia had damaged my fallopian tubes.”
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I can never get pregnant

I had surgery to clear the scar tissue in my fallopian tubes, and we tried in vitro fertilization. Both were unsuccessful. Heartbroken, we had to face the reality that we would never be able to have a child.

I’ll always live with infertility because of an undiagnosed case of chlamydia. Telling my story brings back pain, but I hope others can learn from it.

Don’t take chances with your health – talk to your doctor about getting tested.

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Talk to your daughter

Talking with your daughter about sex can be tough. But it’s an important conversation to have – even if you don’t think she’s at risk for STDs.

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Schedule an appointment

Even if you don’t think your daughter is at risk, encourage her to get screened every year. Contact your doctor to schedule an appointment.

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