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Additional pharmacy benefits

Understand the pharmacy benefits your insurance plan provides.

Coverage for more than drugs

A drug list is the list of medicine that’s covered by your insurance plan. But what about the tools you use to administer meds or durable medical equipment? Your insurance plan may cover those needs as well. Search the benefits below, or contact Member Services if you have questions about what your plan covers.

Preventive drugs

Some insurance plans have a benefit that allows you to buy preventive drugs at a copay. Check your plan details or ask Member Services if you have this benefit.

View HSA preventive drug list


Blood glucose testing products and other diabetes supplies are covered.

View diabetes products

Growth hormones

See which drugs are used for growth deficiency therapy.

View growth hormones


See what treatment options are available for infertility.

View infertility drugs

Specialty drugs

See what drugs are used to treat chronic and complex diseases.

View specialty drugs

Get personalized search results

The best way to see which medicine is covered by your insurance is by logging on. The search results will only show drugs that are covered by your plan, which means you’ll pay less to take them.

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