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How much will my drugs cost?

Prices can vary from pharmacy to pharmacy for the same medicine. Get the best price on your prescription drugs by shopping around. HealthPartners members can compare medicine prices from over 65,000 U.S. pharmacies. Not a member? You can still estimate your drug prices.

I have HealthPartners insurance

Find the best price for your medicine. When you’re ready to switch pharmacies, you can transfer prescriptions in just a couple clicks. You’ll also find ways to save money on meds, such as ordering a generic drug or getting a 90-day supply.

I’m not a HealthPartners member

Estimate the cost of your medicine. This tool uses our broadest formulary and network to help you understand pharmacy options and costs.

Four tips to get the most from the Drug Cost Calculator

  1. If you have Medicare or Medicaid with HealthPartners, sign in to get the most accurate information. The cost of your prescriptions is based on your insurance benefits. So you’ll get the most accurate information by signing in.
  2. Pay attention to quantity. Sometimes it’s a better value to get a 90-day supply of medicine instead of a 30-day supply. For example, many HealthPartners members can get a three-month supply for two copays by filling their prescriptions through the Mail Order Pharmacy. Look at the fourth column to see how much medicine you’re getting, and look at the fifth column to see the price.
  3. Consider using a generic version of your brand-name medicine. Many generic medicines have the same benefits as brand-name medicines. They are just as safe and effective, but cost considerably less. Click the black button that says, “View most commonly dispensed similar drugs,” to see if there are generic medicines you can try.
  4. Compare costs at your neighborhood pharmacies. Do you always use the same pharmacy? You can search for other pharmacies to see how the costs compare. Select “Change” in the pharmacy column to search for pharmacies and compare costs. You can also choose whether to search for pharmacies that have 30-day supplies or 90-day supplies. Pharmacies marked with an R offer 30-day supplies; pharmacies marked with a 90 offer 90-day supplies.

Why did the cost of my prescription go up?

Getting a prescription filled is a lot like filling your gas tank. Did you know prices can change often?

Learn why drug prices change

Can I get my prescriptions from different pharmacies?

Sure, you could go to different pharmacies to save a few dollars. But is it the best idea? What’s the risk?

Five tips to make sure your meds play well together

More questions?

Contact Member Services to talk with someone who has the detailed answers you need.

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