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How to use the drug list

The drug list is a list of medicines your insurance plan covers. You may also hear people refer to this as a formulary.

You can search the list to see whether your prescription is covered by your insurance. If it’s not covered, you can also use the list to find similar medicines that are covered.

Searching the list is easy. You can search by:

  • The name of your medicine (for example, Yasmin)
  • The type of medicine you’re taking (for example, birth control)
  • The first three letters of the medicine you’re taking (for example, “Yas”)

Log on to search the list

  1. Log on
  2. Click “Pharmacy” in the top navigation
  3. Click “See if your medicines are covered,” which will appear directly underneath the “pharmacy” tab.
  4. Search for your medicine

What if my medicine is not on the list?

If your medicine is not on the list, or if it displays with “NF,” your medicine is non-formulary. This can mean one of two things. Either your medicine is not covered by your insurance, or it’s covered but may cost more to fill. Learn whether your medicines are covered by logging on.

If my medicine is not on the list, how can I find one that is?

If your prescription is not on the list, you still have options for getting a similar medicine.

  1. Log on to view your drug list
  2. Click on the “Pharmacy” tab
  3. Click “See if your medicines are covered”
  4. Search for the type of medicine you’re taking
  5. A list of medicines will come up
  6. Print the list and bring it to your next appointment
  7. Ask your doctor if any of those medicines will work for you

How much will my prescriptions cost?

The drug list is a good place to see what factors affect the price of your medicine. When you search the list, you can see whether your medicine:

  1. Is on the list
  2. Is generic or brand name

Medicine on the list is less expensive than medicine that’s not. And generic medicine typically costs less than brand-name medicine.

Did your doctor prescribe a brand-name drug, but you want to switch to a generic? We can help you find a generic version of the same medicine.

If you have other questions about how to use the drug list or whether your prescriptions are covered, call Member Services.

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