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Collaborate with us

Researchers and staff at HealthPartners Institute work with other regional and national research and healthcare organizations. Some examples are:

  • Health Care Systems Research Network: Our researchers participate and lead joint research projects with 18 other member organizations from across the country on clinical issues such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, vaccine safety, mental health, diabetes and asthma.
  • Midwest Research Network: This format allows organizations in the Midwest to participate in research addressing regional health care, payment reform and public health issues.

Many of our research projects involve a close partnership with the HealthPartners Medical Group and the HealthPartners Health Plan. HealthPartners clinicians often participate in pilot studies. Health plan information is crucial to understanding improvements in care.

We are committed to collaborative research and active partnerships. To maintain high standards of conduct, investigators from outside organizations must work with those from HealthPartners to develop mutually beneficial proposals. If HealthPartners data or members are used, a HealthPartners researcher must be involved throughout the project.