HealthPartners Institute research is led by an interdisciplinary team of investigators, research associates and biostatisticians. Our investigators are experts in child and maternal health, chronic disease/diabetes, clinical research, critical care, health economics, mental health, neurosciences/Alzheimer's disease, oncology and oral health/dentistry.

All research conducted at HealthPartners must have a HealthPartners researcher on the investigative team. Our research team included both full-time researchers and those who divide their time between research and clinical practice.

For more information about our individual investigators, their studies and areas of interest, choose a name from the list below.

Abigail S. Katz, PhD
Alicia Kunin-Batson, PhD, LP
Anders Carlson, MD
Arek Dudek, MD, PhD
Balkrishna Jahagirdar, MBBS
Brad Rindal, DDS
Bret C. Haake, MD
Brian Martinson, PhD
Charlene McEvoy, MD, MPH
Chhavi Chadha, MD
Dan Schneider, MD
Daniel M. Anderson, MD, MPH
Deborah M. Mullen, PhD
Donald Nixdorf, DDS, MS
Dylan Zylla, MD
Elie Gertner, MD, FRCP(C), FACP
Elyse Olshen Kharbanda, MD, MPH
Gabriela Vazquez Benitez, PHD, MSC
Gary Shapiro, MD
James Fricton, DDS, MS
James Nordin, MD, MPH
Jared Fine, PhD
Jay Desai, PhD, MPH
Jay Simonson, MD
Jeanette Y. Ziegenfuss, PhD
Jeffrey P. Anderson, ScD, MPH
Jeffrry Jaffe, MD
Jessie Nelson, MD
JoAnn Sperl-Hillen, MD
John J. Marini, MD
John T. Schousboe, MD, PhD
Jonathan D. Alpern, MD, CTH
Julie Switzer, MD
Karen Margolis, MD, MPH
Kristin K. Palmsten, ScD
Kurt Demel, MD, MBA
Lauren Crain, PhD
Leah Hanson, PhD
Leif I. Solberg, MD
Michael D.McGonigal, MD
Michael Maciosek, PhD
Michael Rosenbloom, MD
Nico Pronk, PhD, FACSM
Pamala Pawloski, PharmD
Patricia F. Walker, MD, DTM&H
Patrick O'Connor, MD, MA, MPH
Peter A. Cole, MD
Rachel Lerner, MD, MS
Ralph J. Frascone, MD
Randy Hurley, MD
Rebecca C. Rossom, MD, MSCR
Richard M. Bergenstal, MD
Steve McCormack, MD
Steven Dehmer, PhD
Terry Barclay, PhD, LP
Thomas E. Elliott, MD
Thomas Kottke, MD, MSPH
Thomas W. Martens, MD
Warren Schubert, MD
William A. Rush, PhD
William H. Frey II, PhD
William J. Mohr, MD
Won G. Chung, MD, MS