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Publications per year (.CSV File)
Year Publications
2020 1

Co-authors (.CSV File)
Author Publications with
Weiskirchen, R. 1
Lang, T. 1
Schaeffeler, E. 1
Tremmel, R. 1
Seferyan, T. 1
Buadze, M. 1
Frey II, William H., PhD 1
Gaunitz, F. 1
Glaser, M. 1
Buniatian, G. H. 1
Schwinghammer, U. 1
Weiss, T. S. 1
Borkham-Kamphorst, E. 1
Gebhardt, R. 1
Fritz, M. 1
Mikulits, W. 1
Cynis, H. 1
Lourhmati, A. 1
Gleiter, C. H. 1
Danielyan, L. 1
Proksch, B. 1
Schwab, M. 1