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Publications per year (.CSV File)
Year Publications
2015 1

Co-authors (.CSV File)
Author Publications with
Tanner, C. M. 1
Christine, C. W. 1
Augustine, E. U. 1
Tilley, B. C. 1
Cines, M. 1
Bodis-Wollner, I. G. 1
Dahodwala, N. 1
Hawthorne, K. 1
Reichwein, S. 1
Liang, G. S. 1
Singer, C. 1
Aminoff, M. J. 1
Perez, A. T. 1
Luo, S. T. 1
Sudarsky, L. 1
Derwent, L. 1
Shannon, K. M. 1
Parashos, Sotirios A., MD, PhD 1
Lew, M. F. 1
Wills, A. M. 1
Kieburtz, K. 1
Babcock, D. 1
Writing Group for the NINDS Exploratory Trials in Parkinson Disease (NET-PD) Investigators, 1
Morgan, J. C. 1
Boyd, Joel L., MD 1
Houghton, D. J. 1
Ross, G. W. 1
Mari, Z. 1
Simuni, T. 1
Roth, J. T. 1
Umeh, C. C. 1
Augustine, A. H. 1
Cambi, F. 1
Rajan, S. 1