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Plan by Plan Comparison
Plan Comparison

Not sure which health plan options make the most sense for you and your family? Use this tool to compare benefits and expenses for different plans side by side.

To estimate your out-of-pocket expenses, you will need:
  • any information given to you by your employer (e.g., Open Enrollment materials or Summary of Benefits)
  • your estimated annual medical expenses. For deductible plans, use our Medical Cost Calculator or view your prior plan year EOBs.
  • your estimated annual pharmacy expenses. Use our Drug Cost Calculator
  Plan A Plan B Plan C
Your monthly contribution $   $   $  

Plan Information
(Fill in the coverage information in this section to compare the plans.)

Plan type
Out of pocket maximum $   $   $  
Deductible level (In Network) $   $   $  
Your employer's HRA/HSA contribution $   $   $  
Coverage level after deductible   %   %   %
Office visits copayment $   $   $  
Generic Prescription copayment/coinsurance      
Brand Prescription copayment/coinsurance      

(Fill in the expense information in this section.)

Medical Expenses
Number of office visits per year            
Estimated total annual medical expenses (excluding pharmacy costs) $   $   $  
Pharmacy Expenses
Number of generic prescriptions per year            
Number of brand prescriptions per year            
Estimated total annual pharmacy expenses $   $   $  

Comparison Results

The minimum you pay is your monthly premium contribution. The maximum you would pay is your monthly premium contribution plus in-network out-of-pocket maximum, minus any HRA/HSA contributions. If you seek out-of-network care, expenses will be higher.

The minimum it could cost you $   $   $  
The maximum it could cost you $   $   $  

Total Expense $   $   $  
Remaining HRA/HSA funds $   $   $  
Your estimated out of pocket expense $   $   $