More external resources for cultural care

Looking for more information on cross-cultural care and service? Here's a compendium of useful websites both in the US and around the world.

Provider's Guide to Quality and Culture

One stop shopping on cultural competence, with a wealth of material on patient-provider interactions, health disparities and cultural competence organizations. Visit The Provider's Guide to Quality & Culture.

American Indian Related Sites

Here is a group of sites that cover Indian health concerns, government/tribe relations, current issues and news. For Indian health issues, see the National Indian Health Board at or Indian Health Services at . For an index of web-based Native American resources, see For analysis of current issues and on-line news, check out and . And to get more information on tribal/government relations, see the US Bureau of Indian Affairs at, the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council at, and the American Indian Policy Center at

Cross-Cultural Health Program

This excellent Seattle-based site offers community profiles for Arab, Cambodian, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Lao, Oromo, Somali and Soviet Jewish groups, among others. The profiles and downloadable and free.

CURA Directory: State Non-profit Organizations of Color

Take a look at this searchable listing of non-profit organizations of color in Minnesota organized by the University of Minnesota's Center for Urban and Regional Affairs.


This site, coordinated by the University of Washington Health Sciences Library, includes medical and cultural information on immigrant and refugee groups.

Gay and Lesbian Medical Association

You'll find helpful guides on creating a safe clinical environment for gay, lesbian and transgendered patients, plus guides to incorporating a sexual risk assessment into routine office visits.

Google Scholar

Try out Google's beta-version search engine for scientists and academic researchers when hunting for information on cross-cultural care.

Kaiser Family Foundation

The Foundation's on-line resource site provides a wealth of information on specific policy issues with links to academic literature, news, public opinions and webcasts. The site also includes on-line tutorials, a reference library and syllabi from health policy courses from across the country. Check it out at . Also from Kaiser, see a searchable archive of webcasts on subjects such as health disparities, access to care and minority health issues at

MDH Directory: Health Resources Serving Diverse Cultural Communities

Here's an updated Minnesota Department of Health directory of resources in the seven-county metropolitan area for the state's diverse cultural communities. Information is organized to direct you to general health services, dental services, home care, mental health programs and help for sexual assault. The directory contains contact information, hours of operation, eligibility requirements, interpreter services and details about other programs offered. Download it in PDF format at or contact Jeanne Watson at 612-676-5530.

Minnesota Department of Health Refugee Health Program

Check the state Department of Health site for translated vaccination information, refugee health screening guides and forms, demographic data on the state's refugee population and more.

Multi-Lingual Health Education Net

This Canadian website, supported by a collaborative of health care organizations, includes translated materials for public use in multicultural settings. multiling