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HealthPartners Center for Memory & Aging

The path to memory care is different for each person. We focus on providing our patients and their caregivers the best care and resources that fit with their needs at that time. There are different causes of memory loss and each day can bring new challenges. We’re here to help make living with memory loss more manageable.

photograph of a stone path winding up a hill through a forest
We are committed to helping our patients live well with memory loss.

The HealthPartners Center for Memory & Aging provides care for individuals with memory and cognitive disorders. Our innovative combination of care providers and research professionals allows our patients the opportunity to participate in breakthrough clinical trials. At the same time, our research team is able to work alongside the care team.

We treat people who have neurodegenerative diseases including those that affect:

  • Memory
  • Language
  • Visuospatial Function
  • Decision Making
  • Behavioral Function

The most common dementia we care for is Alzheimer’s Disease, but there are several other forms of dementia that affect patients in similar ways. Our team includes specialists from neurology, neuropsychology, nursing and several other specialty areas.