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To schedule an individual appointment with a registered dietitian at any clinic, call the appointment center at 952-967-7616.

How to prepare for your nutrition appointment:

Please download a three day food diary, complete it, and bring it to your appointment. If you have diabetes, please bring your blood glucose record book. If you have questions about any nutrition supplements that you take or foods you eat, please bring the containers or labels with you to your appointment.

What to expect at your nutrition appointment:

Your first appointment will generally last 50 minutes. During this time, your dietitian will analyze your food diary (or your reported typical intake) for overall balance, as well as possible deficiencies and excesses. You will be asked questions about your eating and exercise habits, and your blood sugar records if you have diabetes. Your dietitian will consider any health problems that you have, or are at risk for, and make personalized recommendations based on the most current, evidence-based nutrition information available. Then, you will discuss setting specific, achievable goals. You will often receive educational handouts and an after visit summary at the end of your appointment. Generally, one to three individual appointments may be recommended.