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Petey Profile Picture

Birthday: April 8, 2008

Birthplace: Bloomington, MN

Title: Official spokescup for HealthPartners

Job Responsibilities: Promoting all of the great online features for patients at!

Working in the lab doing urinalysis, drug testing, etc. Attending various events.

Best friend: Pokey Syringe (he’s a sharp (er, rather smart) guy!)

Biggest Challenges:

  • Fitting in a car
  • Being misunderstood by some members of society
  • Avoiding the paparazzi
  • Purchasing an equal number of hot dogs and hot dog buns!

Hobbies: When I’m not feeling the need to go, I enjoy just chilling at the clinic or watching TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and ER

Pokey Profile Picture

Birthdate: May 27, 2008

Birthplace: Bloomington, MN

Title: Official spokesneedle for HealthPartners

Job Responsibilities: Immunizations, flu shots, drawing samples, attending various HealthPartners events


  • Immunizations
  • Hypodermic history
  • Hangin' with Petey P.
  • Watching TV shows such as House and American Idol
  • Seeing live stand up comics (poking fun at people is great!)
Pearl Profile Picture

Birthday:  June 1, 2008

Title: Official day brightener for the young and young at heart.

Status: Single, girls just wanna have fun!

Job Responsibilities: Making sure people take care of their teeth and attending various events.


  • Dancing (watch out for my moves at upcoming events around the Twin Cities)
  • Flossing (call me crazy, but I do!)
  • Playing the "whack a molar" online
  • Hanging out with Petey and Pokey, (although they always make fun of me and call me the "tooth fairy" but you know, boys will be boys!)
  • Catching up on the latest celebrity gossip
  • Teeth whitening
  • Shopping especially for purses check out my cute floss purse!
  • Making (and seeing) people smile!