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Coverage criteria policies

Intra-articular hyaluronan (Viscosupplementation)

These services may or may not be covered by your HealthPartners plan. Please see your plan documents for your specific coverage information. If there is a difference between this general information and your plan documents, your plan documents will be used to determine your coverage.

Administrative Process

Prior authorization is not required from HealthPartners Pharmacy Administration for Intra-articular hyaluronan when request is for both a covered indication and a covered agent in this class (see below).

Off-label uses are considered investigational and not covered.

The provider and facility will be liable for payment of intra-articular hyaluronans not eligible for coverage unless all three of the following conditions have been met, in which case the member will be liable for payment:

  • The provider notifies the member that a specific service has been determined by HealthPartners to be investigational/experimental; and,
  • The member signs a waiver agreeing to pay for the specific non-covered service being rendered; and,
  • The claim has been billed with a GA modifier indicating such.


Coverage for intra-articular hyaluronan is subject to the indications listed below, and per your plan documents.

No prior authorization is required when used in the following manner:

  1. After failure to respond to both of the following conservative therapy approaches:
    1. Simple analgesics such as NSAIDs unless there is a contraindication to use, and
    2. Conservative nonpharmacologic therapy such as strengthening, low-impact aerobic exercises, and neuromuscular education.
  2. Repeat courses in patients with a documented response to previous intra-articular viscosupplementation and with courses spaced at least six months apart.

Use in joints other than the knee is considered investigational.

Coverage will only be provided for Synvisc, Synvisc One and Euflexxa. No coverage will be provided for Durolane, Gel-One, Hyalgan, Monovisc, Orthovisc, Supartz, Gen-Visc 850, Gel-Syn, Hymovis, and TriVisc.

This policy does not address sodium hyaluronate use for other conditions or procedures.


All viscosupplements are FDA-approved for treatment of pain in osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee in patients who have failed to respond adequately to conservative non-pharmacologic therapy, and to simple analgesics, e.g., acetaminophen.

If available, codes are listed below for informational purposes only, and do not guarantee member coverage or provider reimbursement. The list may not be all-inclusive.






Hyaluronan or derivative, Euflexxa, for intra-articular injection, per dose (20mg/2 mL)


Hyaluronan or derivative, Synvisc or Synvisc One, for intra-articular injection, 1 mg

Not Covered:




Unclassified drugs or biologicals (Hospital Outpatient Use ONLY)


Unclassified drugs


Hyaluronan or derivative, Durolane, for intra-articular injection, per dose


Hyaluronan or derivative, Durolane, for intra-articular injection, 1 mg


Hyaluronan or derivative, Genvisc 850, for intra-articular injection, 1 mg


Hyaluronan or derivative, Hyalgan or Supartz, for intra-articular injection, per dose (Hyalgan dose is 20mg/2 mL and Supartz dose is 25mg/2.5 mL)


Hyaluronan or derivative, Hymovis, for intra-articular injection, 1mg


Hyaluronan or derivative, OrthoVisc, for intra-articular injection, per dose (30mg/2 mL)


Hyaluronan or derivative, Gel-One, for intra-articular injection, per dose


Hyaluronan or derivative, Monovisc, for intra-articular injection, per dose


Hyaluronan or derivative, Gel-Syn, for intra-articular injection, 0.1 mg


Hyaluronan or derivative, Trivisc, for intra-articular injection, 1 mg

ICD-10-CM Codes

Prior authorization is not required for the following diagnosis codes when used with a covered HCPC:




Bilateral primary osteoarthritis of knee

M17.10 – M17.12

Unilateral primary osteoarthritis, unspecified knee; unspecified, right knee or left knee


Bilateral post-traumatic osteoarthritis of knee

M17.30 – M17.32

Unilateral post-traumatic osteoarthritis of knee; unspecified, right knee, or left knee


Other bilateral secondary osteoarthritis of knee


Other unilateral secondary osteoarthritis of knee


Osteoarthritis of knee, unspecified

NDC Codes





Euflexxa 20 MG/2ML SOSY


Synvisc 16 MG/2ML SOSY J7325


Synvisc 16 MG/2ML SOSY


Synvisc 16 MG/2ML SOSY


Synvisc One 48 MG/6ML SOSY

Not Covered:




Gel-One 30 MG/3ML PRSY


GenVisc 850 25 MG/2.5ML SOSY


TriVisc 25 MG/2.5ML SOSY


OrthoVisc 30 MG/2ML SOSY


OrthoVisc 30 MG/2ML SOSY


Hyalgan 20 MG/2ML SOSY


Hyalgan 20 MG/2ML SOLN


Hyalgan 20 MG/2ML SOSY


Hymovis 24 MG/3ML SOSY


Monovisc 88 MG/4ML SOSY


Supartz FX 25 MG/2.5ML SOSY


Gelsyn-3 16.8 MG/2ML SOSY


Durolane 60 MG/3ML PRSY

CPT Copyright American Medical Association. All rights reserved. CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.


This information is for most, but not all, HealthPartners plans. Please read your plan documents to see if your plan has limits or will not cover some items. If there is a difference between this general information and your plan documents, your plan documents will be used to determine your coverage. These coverage criteria may not apply to Medicare Products if Medicare requires different coverage. For more information regarding Medicare coverage criteria or for a copy of a Medicare coverage policy, contact Member Services at 952-883-7979 or 1-800-233-9645.


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