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Get healthy on the go

Book an appointment with your doc or log your evening walks with two great mobile apps from HealthPartners.

myHP App HealthPartners logo

myHP dashboard showing appointment date, test results, deductibles
available on the app store
Android app on Google play


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  ID Card

Log on and pull up your card in just one click. You can also fax a copy to your doctor.

  Plan balances

See where you’re at with your deductible, health savings account or flexible spending account.


Quickly schedule and manage appointments at HealthPartners clinics.

  Bill pay

Quickly pay your clinic bill without having to log on.

  Test results

Test and lab results from HealthPartners for you and your family all in one place.


If you're a HealthPartners patient, you can view your immunization records for you and the family members you have access to.


Refill, transfer and check the status of your prescriptions at HealthPartners pharmacies.

  Find Care

Easily find a hospital or clinic near you. See wait times for Urgent Care. Find care covered in your insurance plan by logging on to your account. Search by location, zip code and specialty. Plus access other options like HealthPartners CareLine and virtuwell.

  Contact us

Find the support you need, including Member Services and our 24/7 nurse advice line.

mePlus App blue meplus logo

meplus dashboard showing bar graph of stress levels


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  • Track your daily steps
  • Set a daily step goal
  • Convert your daily activity into steps


  • Track number of hours and quality of sleep
  • Set a goal for how many hours you want to get


  • Track stress over a specific period of time
  • Identify and describe triggers for your stress


  • Set quitting goals
  • Identify and describe triggers to avoid

 Well-being program

Use the app to complete your well-being program and check if you’ve earned your reward.


Sync instantly with your well-being web account and connect your Fitbit device to automatically sync the steps you’ve tracked.

*MePlus is available if you’re eligible for HealthPartners health and well-being programs. Access MePlus using your HealthPartners well-being username and password as well as your company name.


Check plan balances

New features that let you quickly pay your clinic bill or refill a prescription without having to log in.

Want more?

You can also get weekly tips and HealthPartners Urgent Care wait times via text.