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Simplify your life by safely storing your health insurance information online. Think of this as your electronic filing cabinet. It’s easy – just log on to your myHealthPartners account and make the switch today!

Go Paperless with HealthPartners!

By signing up to get your HealthPartners plan documents online, you'll get an email when the following documents are available in your inbox:

  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) - After you visit the doctor's office, you'll get an EOB that shows the service you received, how much you owe and how much your insurance covered. If you owe something for the visit, you will get a bill separately from your doctor's office.
  • Contract - Each year when your plan renews, you get a contract that explains your coverage.
  • Other Information - From time to time, you'll also receive additional information about your plan and other services available to you as a HealthPartners member.

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What is an Explanation of Benefits?

HealthPartners typically provides you with an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) for health care services so that you can understand how we plan to process your claims.

To help you better understand your Explanation of Benefits, match the number in the the list with the numbers in the text fields. Each number is associated with the field description.

*EOBs may print in different format based on the original EOB print date.

  1. Date EOB was generated
  2. Patient's name
  3. Patient's member number
  4. Subscriber/owner of policy (not necessarily patient)
  5. Employer's group number and policy name
  6. Claim reference number
  7. Provider of care
  8. Patient control number
  9. Date claim was received
  10. Check number
  11. Date of check
  12. Check issued to
  13. Dates of patient care
  14. Description of care
  15. Total charges
  16. Provider's responsibility
  17. Amount member owes + amount paid by HealthPartners
  18. Member's cost based on co-pay
  19. Member's cost based on deductible
  20. Member's cost based on co-insurance
  21. Amount of services not covered by insurance
  22. Reference to notes (#33) on non-covered amounts
  23. Amount paid by HealthPartners
  24. Amount member owes
  25. *Individual out-of-network out-of-pocket balance
  26. Individual in-network out-of-pocket balance
  27. *Individual out-of-network deductible
  28. Amount paid by patient's other benefit plan
  29. Tax paid by provider
  30. Total plan covered amount payable to policyholder
  31. Total plan covered amount payable to provider
  32. Total member liability – what you owe
  33. Explanation of any non-covered amounts

*If plan allows member to combine in and out-of-network charges together the out-of-network amount will be reduced by any in-network charges.