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Frequent Fitness - FAQs

What is Frequent Fitness?

The Frequent Fitness program provides eligible members a reimbursement of up to $20 for working out 12 or more times per month at a participating club. Two adult members per health plan contract may participate for a combined savings of up to $40. Eligibility and workout requirements may vary by employer.

Getting started

Frequent Fitness is available to HealthPartners members who are older than 18 and enrolled in a qualifying health insurance plan.

The Frequent Fitness program is not available to members who have short-term plans, HealthPartners Freedom or Retiree National Choice, or to MSHO members enrolled in the Silver&Fit® Exercise & Healthy Aging Program.

If you get insurance through your job, ask your employer or contact member services to see if you can participate.

Join a participating health club and sign up for Frequent Fitness at the front desk. Show your HealthPartners Member ID card so your health club can track your workouts to credit your account.

For details and contact information of participating clubs, search our map of all participating locations.

Don't see your club? Ask them to participate! Just contact your club manager and ask them to call HealthPartners Member Services (the number is on the back of your member ID card). You can also provide Member Services with your club manager's name, phone number and email address and we'll contact them directly.

Although there is no guarantee that a requested club can be added to the program, requests can be sent to Member Services (the number is on the back of your member ID card). Provide Member Services with your club's name and your club manager's name, phone number and email address and we'll contact them directly.


Your health club membership account is reimbursed six to eight weeks after your monthly workouts. Each eligible member's workout days are tracked on his or her individual membership account.

Yes, you will be reimbursed for any months you were a member that you met the 12 visit requirement.

HealthPartners will send any earned reimbursements back to your club for the months you were a member. Please check with your club to determine what their rules are around issuing reimbursements to terminated members (rules vary by club).

Hitting your monthly goal

America's most prominent health experts recommend that people get 30 minutes of moderate activity most days of the week. "Moderate" means it makes your heart beat faster and you breathe harder.

Now more than ever, we are seeing the consequences of too little exercise. Obesity and related chronic illnesses are spreading at an alarming rate and significantly affecting worker productivity and health care costs. One in four adults is obese. Obesity-related health problems account for 12 percent of our national health care budget and cost our society $13 billion annually in expenses and lost productivity.

Where can I find more information?

Contact us - Member services can answer questions by phone, email or online chat.

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