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Plan for Me<sup>SM</sup> Welcome

Welcome to Plan for MeSM

Plan for Me helps make your health plan choices easier.

Your employer should have given you a few different pieces of information. These numbers and date tell us which plans you should be comparing.

Plan information

Some things to keep in mind…

The information you enter into this tool about medical conditions, medicines and doctors won’t be saved or shared with anyone.

The cost of your plan is determined by your employer. Using this tool won’t change the cost of your plan.

Any dollar amounts or percentages shown are estimates to help you compare options. Your actual costs may vary.

Your employer may choose to use this tool as an option for you to enroll in your plan electronically. If you have questions about how to enroll in a plan, check with your employer.

Before you enroll, it’s important you review all plan information in the Summary of Benefits and Coverage your employer gave you.

Cost estimates for this tool are based on your in-network coverage. If your options include a plan with benefit levels, the best benefit level will be used for your estimates. Costs will be higher from providers that are not covered under your best benefit level.