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Your healthy smile is important because it’s part of your total health. If you don’t get dental insurance through your employer, get it from us.

You can choose between three coverage levels and two networks to get the care you and your family needs.

Let’s get started.

  1. First, think about what you need to make your smile shine.

    Maintenance plan
    You have pretty healthy teeth. You only expect to need regular checkups and have occasional cavities.

    Major plan
    You think you might need a bit more care, like root canals and crowns. You can also add this plan if you already have preventive services through another plan.

    Comprehensive plan
    You think you’re somewhere in between needing regular checkups and root canals. This is the perfect middle.

  2. Next, think about your doctor and clinic.

    You can search our networks to find your favorite.

    HealthPartners Dental Group (HPDG) Network
    You want top-notch care and a smaller network. The HPDG network has more than 70 dentists and specialists at 22 clinics throughout the Twin Cities.

    HealthPartners Open Access Network
    You want options. The Open Access network is the largest dental PPO network in Minnesota with more than 2,300 providers.

  3. Finally, review rates and sign up.

    Sign up now, call our dedicated sales team or contact your broker.

You must have medical insurance to sign up for a dental plan. You aren’t required to be enrolled in a HealthPartners medical plan.

Need a medical plan?

We offer a wide variety of medical plans to fit your life.