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HealthPartners® CompassSM plans are perfect if you’re looking for a network with options. The network spans the country with 950,000 doctors, nurses and other health care providers; and 6,000 hospitals. With 11 plan options available, you’re sure to find the plan that fits your life and budget.

Need help choosing your Compass plan?

Choosing the right plan can seem confusing, but here are some things to consider when you start shopping:

Metal levels

You have a variety of plan options. Metal levels are an easy way to compare them.

metal levels
  • Gold plans are perfect if:
    • You expect your family to visit the doctor six or more times per person, per year
    • You’re comfortable paying a higher monthly premium and lower costs when you get care
  • Silver plans are perfect if:
    • You expect your family to visit the doctor three or more times per person, per year
    • You’d rather pay a higher premium each month and less when you get care
  • Bronze plans are perfect if:
    • You or your family are pretty healthy and you don’t expect to visit the doctor much. You want protection against major illnesses or accidents
    • You’d rather pay a lower monthly premium and more when you get care
  • Catastrophic plans are perfect if:

HSA plans

Some plans qualify for a Health Savings Account. You get health insurance with the option to set up a special account used only for medical costs. You decide how much to contribute and how to spend it. Plus, the money you add to the account is tax deductible.

  • HSA–qualified plans are perfect if:
    • You want a bronze or silver plan
    • You’re great at managing your finances and want to save money on your taxes


If you already have a doctor and clinic you like to visit, search the Compass Open Access network to make sure they’re included.

Your medicines

See if your prescriptions are covered.

Teeth are important, too!

Did you know your oral health is part of your overall health? We offer dental plans for people who don’t get it through their spouse or employer.