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Meet Robin

The sign of a healthy Wisconsin.


Get the most out of your care and coverage

Your health is important, and it’s easier to get top quality care when you have someone by your side. With Robin with HealthPartners, we stand by you – bringing trusted local care and award-winning health insurance coverage together in Wisconsin.

There are more perks to Robin than just care and coverage together. Plan members get great benefits, like travel coverage. See your plan documents to learn more about what your plan offers.


Find a doctor

The Robin network includes care through Bellin Health, ThedaCare and other providers, as well as a nationwide network.

With Robin health insurance plans, you’ll be able to choose among high-quality, low-cost providers—no referral needed. Search the Robin network to see if your doctor is included. Check the back of your insurance card to find your network.

Find a doctor in the broad access network

Find a doctor in the focused network

Find a doctor in the select network


Find a pharmacy

Did you know that medicine costs can change from one pharmacy to another? Shop around to get the best prices.

Here’s a list of pharmacies that participate in the Robin network. Search the list to find an in-network pharmacy near you.

Find a pharmacy

Search the drug list

A drug list is also called a formulary. It’s a list of medicine covered by your insurance.

Search the drug list to see if your generic, brand name or specialty medicine is covered. If it’s not, we can help you find one that is.

Search the PreferredRX drug list

Search the GenericsAdvantageRx drug list

Member sign in

The best way to see your plan benefits and services is to sign in to your account. You’ll be able to see your care activity, find care and manage your health insurance – anytime and all in one place. And if you don’t have one, it’s easy to create an account.

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Read about how we can partner together to improve employee health.

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