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Before you shop

Engage your child and they’ll be more likely to make better choices and try new things. Here are some ideas to try at home before heading to the market.

  • Choose a recipe together and have them make the grocery list. They’ll practice their handwriting while helping out!
  • Go through the sale flyers together and plan your menu around seasonal specials.
  • Even the youngest kids can get involved. Ask them to name one fruit or veggie that they like, then plan a recipe around that choice.
  • Older children can take on a whole meal – choose the menu, find recipes, and make the grocery list.
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At the store

With a little planning, you can turn grocery shopping into a fun, hands-on outing with kids. Try these tips to make it easy:

  • Shop the perimeter – Keep it fresh and better-for-you by shopping mostly the outer edges of the store. Here you’ll find plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, dairy, meat and better-for-you snacks.
  • Try to avoid the danger zone – Watch the inner aisles. This is where you’ll find those sugary and fatty foods that kids love. Plus, they’re at kid eye-level, making them impossible to sneak past.
  • Stick to the list – Having a shopping list helps keep you on track. When kids want to veer off into not-so-good territory, remind them they’re in charge of helping you keep to the list. Better yet – put each kid in charge of certain items on the list.