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Power up your salad

  Cook smart

Salads are a great way to get in some or all of your daily fruit and veggie servings. Build a tasty, good-for-you salad with these three easy steps: Read more about Power up your salad  

Family meals in minutes

  Cook smart

When it comes to feeding the family, finding the right meal to make everyone happy can be tricky. Try these simple tips to cook up some fun, fresh and fast meals that your busy family will love. Read more about Family meals in minutes  

Out to eat

  Dine smart

Whether it's a quick bite of fast food, a celebratory dinner or lunch out with coworkers, eating out is only getting more popular. You've probably seen plenty of stories stating restaurant food is chock-full of salt, fat and calories. Well guess what? Not all restaurant meals are created equal. Going out can be a good-for-you adventure. And expanding your horizons can keep you from an expanding waistline. Read more about Out to eat  

Fruits and veggies through a straw?

  Eat smart

We've all heard the words "don't forget your fruits and veggies." And it's true. Consuming a daily dose of fruits and vegetables provides good-for-you nutrients that keep us healthy and strong. But who says you have to eat them? Read more about Fruits and veggies through a straw?  

Ditch the diet

  Eat smart

Magic pills, wacky cleanses, potions, hypnosis… if you're looking for a quick diet fix, your options are endless. But it seems like these dietary games are all hat and no cowboy. Read more about Ditch the diet