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Dish up a good-for-you plate

  Eat smart

Enjoy flavorful, better-for-you meals by filling your plate to look like this: Read more about Dish up a good-for-you plate  

Nothing's better than veggies

  Shop smart

Use this simple sheet for tips and tricks on how to add more veggies to your meals. Find even more at Read more about Nothing's better than veggies  

Budget-friendly snack ideas

  Shop smart

Snacks can be good for you! They can boost your energy between meals, keep your blood glucose (sugar) stable and supply nutrients that your body needs. Eat one to three snacks each day and remember to snack only when you are hungry. Read more about Budget-friendly snack ideas  

Know the three P's: Plan, purchase and prepare

  Cook smart

Practice these P’s to make tasty, good-for-you meals that are pocketbook friendly. Read more about Know the three P's: Plan, purchase and prepare  

Five simple ways to fit in fiber

  Eat smart

Fiber is found in foods from plants: fruits, vegetables, beans/legumes and whole grains. In general, the less processed a food is, the more fiber it tends to have. Try these tips for fitting more fiber into your day: Read more about Five simple ways to fit in fiber