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  Dine smart

Out to eat

Whether it's a quick bite of fast food, a celebratory dinner or lunch out with coworkers, eating out is only getting more popular. You've probably seen plenty of stories stating restaurant food is chock-full of salt, fat and calories. Well guess what? Not all restaurant meals are created equal. Going out can be a good-for-you adventure. And expanding your horizons can keep you from an expanding waistline.

Take Mexican food – it can definitely be good for you if you make the right choices. Remember to take it easy on the tortilla chips (they're high in calories) and have guacamole instead of sour cream (good fats instead of bad). Go for meals with black beans and lots of vegetables – like fajitas or a bean burrito. Even better, opt for a naked burrito or one without a tortilla.

Perhaps you'd rather head East. Good choice – there are so many tasty and adventurous Asian options. Skip the fried egg rolls or sweet and sour chicken. Try something new, like pho (pronounced fuh), a Vietnamese noodle soup with lean protein and fresh herbs. Light, delicious and works wonders if you're battling a cold. Pho is just the beginning when it comes to good-for-you Vietnamese cuisine. Try vermicelli noodle salads topped with loads of herbs, vegetables and lean protein, or maybe Bahn Cuon (fresh spring rolls). Don't worry about pronunciation - just give them a try.

There's a reason the Japanese are known for living long, healthy lives. A diet rich in fish and vegetables is key to their longevity. So don't fear sushi. Try Nigiri (raw fish on rice) or Sashimi (just the fish). Focus on the flavor of the fish itself and skip the rolls packed with fried shrimp, cream cheese and globs of spicy mayo. If the raw thing isn’t for you, shrimp spring rolls are a tasty choice too.

Of course, these are just a few examples. Check out to see how eating with your mind open can be both fun and good for you.