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Find a farmers' market

Buying your fruits and veggies locally is a great way to eat better and support local business. Plus, it gives you a chance to spend time outside and try some new things you might not find at your grocery store.

While you can find farmers' markets year-round, they're most common in the spring and summer.

Or grow your own!

Another great way to get the freshest fruits and vegetables possible is to grow them yourself. Plus, gardening is a great way to fit in some physical activity while enjoying the great outdoors.

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If you're interested in starting your own vegetable garden this summer, check out the Minnesota State Horticultural Society's website to subscribe to the Northern Gardener magazine, sign up for vegetable gardening classes and more!


For a second year, HealthPartners yumPower is sponsoring the Minnesota State Horticultural Society's Garden-in-a-box program. Started in 2008, this program gives low-income families an opportunity to grow their own vegetables. In 2013, over 200 families and schools throughout Minnesota will be given a Garden-in-a-box.

And you can buy one too! Gardens-in-a-box include:

  • 3' x 4' polypropylene box
  • Soil
  • Plants
  • Gardening information

Get more information about Garden-in-a-box, which vegetables grow best in containers and how you can buy one today from MSHS, HealthPartners and KARE-11's Belinda Jensen!