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Go local!

It's pretty simple. The best ways to find quality food are to get closer to the source and open your mind to new experiences.

Depending on where you live, you may be lucky enough to have plenty of farmers' markets during the warmer months. Besides high-quality produce at low prices, they often have music, community vendors and children's activities. It makes for a fun family outing and certainly beats running up and down the same fluorescent-lit aisles week after week.

Replacing fats and oils with spices and herbs makes eating well easier, and the farmers' market is the perfect place to stock up. For example, you can keep your heart healthy, food tasty and vampires at bay with upwards of five kinds of fresh garlic. And there are always huge sprigs of fresh dill, basil and cilantro for insanely cheap prices.

Another fantastic option is a CSA share. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and it's real easy: you pay a set amount up front, then every week pick up a box of fresh vegetables from a drop-off location near you. The farmers bring you the freshest stuff throughout the season ensuring your items are at their peak in terms of flavor and nutrition.

Here's where being open to new experiences comes into play. CSA deliveries can be a wonderful mystery box. Sometimes you'll get a load of familiar ingredients like carrots, broccoli and cabbage. And other times, it's Thai eggplant, kohlrabi and Swiss chard. So what if you've never made or even heard of kohlrabi? Having fresh produce that’s outside your comfort zone can be a lot of fun. Variety really is the ultimate spice of life.

So, whether you choose to sign up with a CSA or wander through the farmers' market, take advantage of all the good stuff we have growing around us.