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  Snack smart

Snack right. Feel light(er).

Snacks usually get a bad rap for being unhealthy and high in calories. But, according to HealthPartners dietitians, "If you choose wisely, snacking doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Snacking is a good way to increase your metabolism, burn calories and keep you energized throughout the day. Just remember not to overdo it. Portion size is the key to a good-for-you snack."

Have a sweet tooth?

Try chocolate made with more than 60 percent cocoa for healthy antioxidants. If you’re craving ice cream, try yogurt. It has fewer calories, but more calcium and minerals. And instead of candy, snack on dried fruit — it can be just as sweet but is full of vitamins and nutrients.

Prefer salty snacks?

Try a trail mix with nuts, dried fruit and flaxseeds. Or, another great option is popcorn. It’s full of whole grains and fiber. You can cut the fat by replacing the salt and butter with tasty herbs and seasonings. For those who love french fries, try baked sweet potato fries instead.

If your craving still won’t quit:

  • Wait it out. If you just ate and are still craving more, wait 30 minutes. It can take your stomach that long to tell your brain you’re full.
  • Accept your craving. Sometimes other foods just don’t cut it. Instead of fighting your craving, satisfy it. But watch your portions so you don’t overindulge.
  • Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals can slow down your metabolism, cause you to overeat and make your cravings worse.
  • Don’t overdo it on the sugar and salt. Cut down on sugar and salt to curb your cravings. Too much can make your body want more.