Generous contributions to the Park Nicollet Foundation COVID-19 Response and Relief Fund and an in-kind gift of appreciation from Afro Deli provided 120 meals for Methodist hospital teams working in the second floor ICUs, Employee Occupational Health and Safety, the Family Birth Center and the switchboard.

"We thought it was a good idea to share with people who are working in the hospital, share some of the love," said Danny Herrera, Afro Deli’s manager. "Lots of people are supporting us, so we wanted to show our support for some people, too."

The individually packaged meals included two kinds of lamb gyros, falafel sandwiches and side salads.

"We’ve got to stay together in this situation, so if there’s something we can do we are more than happy to help," Danny said.

Afro Deli is a fast-casual restaurant that serves a fusion of African, Mediterranean, and American themed food at its four Twin Cities locations. In addition to providing unique cuisine, they take pride in being “a socially responsible restaurant that weaves together business with community and culture”.

When you donate to our COVID-19 Response and Relief Fund, you’re supporting patients, families and our entire community. You’re also providing much needed safety equipment for care teams at our hospitals and clinics. These teams are working tirelessly to keep us all safe; your gifts are making that possible.

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