COVID-19 Response and Relief Fund

When you donate to the Lakeview Health Foundation COVID-19 Response and Relief Fund, you’re providing much needed safety equipment for care teams in our hospitals and clinics. You’re also helping our foundation support the crucial needs of our patients and community. Together, we’ll get to the other side and ensure a safe tomorrow.

Your gifts will help our foundation provide:

  • Resources, equipment and supplies to serve our patients and families
  • Support for health care workers in our hospitals and clinics, allowing us to remain resilient while continuing to provide safe, high-quality care to our patients and community
  • Special needs items for patients and those most vulnerable in our community
Improving health care throughout the St. Croix Valley

Here at the Lakeview Health Foundation, we work to enhance the patient experience and enrich the well-being of our community. We practice philanthropy to help develop resources, identify programs and support initiatives that sponsor superior health and well-being services. We do this in close partnership with Lakeview Hospital, Stillwater Medical Group and our community partners.

We help fund innovative community programs and scholarships that meet our area’s health care needs. We also help provide modern medical equipment, training, healing spaces and much more throughout Lakeview Hospital and Stillwater Medical Group.

Donors like you are fundamental to our work. Join our commitment to patient-centered health care today.

PowerUp is a community-wide health initiative inspiring kids and families to eat better, move more and feel good. We partner with schools, families, organizations and the entire community to organize classes, events, activities, education and more. Together, we’re focused on empowering kids to reach their full potential.

The Prescription Assistance Program helps provide necessary medications to patients who otherwise couldn’t afford them. Prescriptions are offered free or at low cost to eligible individuals.