Why do my kids seem to get sick at the most inconvenient times? Like when I have a big meeting, we’re finally on vacation, or my husband and I are all ready for that coveted date night. As a member services rep, I’m always suggesting that members seek care at an online clinic for common conditions and illnesses. But I'd never tried an online clinic myself until the day my daughter came down with pink eye.

The convenience of getting online treatment

“Your child has pink eye,” is the call from school that every parent dreads. You need a prescription, and you need it now – before everyone in the family gets infected.

Pink eye is the call from school that every parent dreads. You need a prescription and you need it now, before everyone in the family gets infected. This seemed like the perfect time for me to try online care. I answered a few questions online at virtuwell.com while my daughter stayed happily at home. In less than an hour, her prescription was ready to pick up at my pharmacy. Great! But that's not the end of the story. After all, pink eye spreads quickly and easily.

A few days later I also got pink eye. And then my mom got it since she'd been helping care for my daughter. At the first sign, we both raced online to get our own prescription eye drops. In the end, getting online care at Virtuwell saved us not one, but three in-person doctor visits.

If you have a high-deductible health insurance plan, those in-person visits can get costly. But you can get the same quality care and treatment from experienced, certified professionals at an online clinic. Plus, it’s often faster and easier.

How does an online clinic work?

Getting care from an online clinic involves a few simple steps. At HealthPartners’ online clinic Virtuwell, you start by answering a few questions about your symptoms, medications you’re on and if you have any allergies. Your answers are reviewed by a board-certified nurse practitioner who provides a diagnosis and treatment plan – complete with any necessary prescriptions, which are sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice.

The benefits of using an online clinic

In addition to receiving care from certified health care professionals from the comfort of your home, other benefits of using an online clinic include:

  • Quick and easy service
  • No appointments needed
  • No video required
  • Low cost that is often covered by insurance
  • Prescriptions delivered straight to your pharmacy

As great as online care is, it’s important to keep in mind that some conditions can only be diagnosed through in-person physical exams, or with imaging or blood tests. And certain medications can’t be prescribed through online clinics, such as those that are classified as addictive or controlled substances.

Common conditions treated at online clinics

Online clinics are a great option for many common conditions and illnesses like the flu, sinus infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs) and allergies. You can also get treatment for skin conditions like rashes, eczema and acne.

Additionally, you can get prescription medications like birth control and asthma inhalers refilled at an online clinic. Learn more about the 60+ conditions that Virtuwell treats.

Common conditions treated by online clinics

How much does an online clinic cost?

A visit at Virtuwell is $59. If you have insurance, your plan will likely cover some or all of this cost. Not sure if your plan covers online care? Here’s how to find out.

Is an online clinic right for you?

From colds and bronchitis to UTIs and yeast infections – the next time a health concern pops up, consider seeking care at an online clinic. Online care is a quick, safe and affordable option to get the diagnosis and treatment you need. And Virtuwell is a great place to start.