Whether you’re a runner, a hunter, or a hockey dad, stay in the game by taking advantage of free men's preventive care screenings covered by your health insurance.

Almost every health plan* covers a bunch of services at 100 percent (no out-of-pocket cost to you) to help keep men healthy and out of that waiting room.

Called routine preventive care services, they truly cost you nothing:

  • Nothing to pay when you visit the doctor (copays)
  • No sharing the cost of your care with your plan (coinsurance)
  • No amount you have to pay yourself first before your plan helps (deductible) – as long as you get them from a doctor or clinic your plan covers.

Preventive care services are there to keep you feeling great and use less care that costs you money in the long run.

Here’s what’s covered:

  • Many immunizations, like flu shots and vaccines for human papilloma virus, measles, mumps and rubella, and chickenpox
  • Initial screening of blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • Initial screening for cancers, like colon cancer
  • Screening and prevention help for sexually transmitted infections, like HIV and chlamydia
  • Screening for male depression, alcohol misuse and smoking
  • Help quitting smoking
  • Diet and obesity counseling

Get your freebies

To see a full list of all preventive services plans covered at 100 percent and what’s recommended for someone your age, visit The CDC’s website.

HealthPartners members: Log on to see what’s recommended for you.

If you're not sure if something is considered preventive for YOU, call your insurance company and ask!

*The one exception is “grandfathered” plans – or certain existing health plans that haven’t changed in several years – and do not have to cover all preventive care services. Your employer has to tell you if your plan is grandfathered, but if you’re not sure, call and ask.