You can’t remember today’s date. Is it simple forgetfulness or early signs of dementia? There are ways to tell, according to occupational therapist Kathy Beran, who was our guest on a recent episode of the For Health’s Sake podcast.

Even if you are weeks off when guessing today’s date, that’s not necessarily reason for concern says Beran, who notes that if you can “figure out those processes to give us the correct answer that would just be normal aging.”

But if someone remains convinced that it’s the fourth of July despite six inches of snow on the ground, that is concerning. Not being able to self-correct based on external data is one of the early warning symptoms of dementia. Check out the podcast to learn about:

  • What dementia is
  • Other early signs of dementia
  • How to be a “gentle detective”
  • Ways to minimize dementia symptoms
  • Resources that can help

Dementia is more than forgetting things

“It’s not just a brain disease. It’s not just a memory disease. It’s not just that I can’t remember things. It’s a whole brain change,” Beran tells us.

If you think that you or a loved one may be experiencing early signs of dementia, talk with your primary care doctor. They can assess the symptoms you’re experiencing. If needed, your doctor can connect you with a neurologist who specializes in memory loss and dementia.