Kids don’t always wait for the most convenient time to get hurt or come down with a bug. Maybe it’s the middle of the night, or during your family vacation. Or maybe it’s just a busy week.

Online clinics are easy and fast. That’s why you’ve seen more and more pop up lately. A recent survey by the American Telemedicine Association proves this growth.

But when it comes to kids and care, is it okay to use online clinics?

“For certain conditions and situations, online clinics can absolutely be used to treat children,” said Gwen Verchota, Care Delivery Manager, PhD, APRN-BC, lead nurse practitioner at Virtuwell. “Online clinics start by asking the same questions that would be asked at an office appointment. If the symptoms or a condition calls for a physical exam or lab test, you want a clinic that can quickly and safely recommend in-person care.”

Online clinics are ideal for mild to moderate illnesses, like:

If symptoms seem more serious, or the illness seems more complex, opt to have your child seen in-person.

If you’re not sure, that’s okay. Online clinics like Virtuwell typically list what they treat and will flag conditions that require an in-person visit. It’s recommended that you check to see if those referrals are charged as a visit. At Virtuwell, there is no cost if the condition or symptoms can’t be treated online.