Nimo Osman hadn’t planned to have her baby at Regions Hospital. She was receiving care through a different care system and was preparing to give birth at another hospital. But when she got COVID-19 and pneumonia in week 33 of her pregnancy, that hospital couldn’t care for her and she was taken to Regions.

When I got COVID, it felt like I was fighting to breathe. My heart rate was very high and my oxygen level was significantly low. I needed someone to help me and my baby. The Regions Hospital Family Birth Center team said they could help, and I was taken there by ambulance in the middle of the night.

The staff was so kind. I was really sick, and the way they took care of me, it was like they knew me. They saw me as a human being.

The first doctor who cared for me at Regions was amazing. She went through my chart and listed off all the things they needed to start doing that would help me and my baby. She advocated for me like she was my mother. Just listening to her, I knew in my heart I was in the right place and that I could trust these people to take care of me.

Nimo was so sick, she needed to be admitted to the ICU. The day she reached week 34 of her pregnancy, Nimo and the team caring for her decided it was time to have her baby. Baby boy Imran was delivered by cesarean section and spent 20 days in the NICU. After several more days in the ICU, Nimo was reunited with her son.

It was a crazy road, but God sent Regions Hospital and its doctors and nurses to me. I trusted them so much. They did a phenomenal job for me, which I am so grateful for, especially as I couldn’t advocate for myself at times because I was so sick.

I want to thank them all – from the labor and delivery doctors and nurses, to the ICU team. When I couldn’t shower, they showered me. When I couldn’t even lift a leg, they helped lift me. We need more humans who care like they did.