Kerri Denholm’s pregnancy had gone smoothly for the first two trimesters. Then, in her third trimester, she was diagnosed with gestational hypertension. It was also about the same time she and husband Tracy decided to move from Virginia to Minnesota. Shortly after their arrival in the Twin Cities, Kerri’s blood pressure started rising. After monitoring in the hospital and a follow-up appointment, Kerri was diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia.

We had only just moved to Minnesota. We went from thinking we had six weeks, to learning our baby was coming in three days, in week 34 of my pregnancy. The experience at Regions Hospital Family Birth Center was fantastic. I had Callum in the old birth center, and then he was the first baby to use the room in the new NICU in the new birth center. The communication about everything was very smooth.

The new NICU was just so beautiful. We really appreciated having our child right there in the room. We practically lived there for the two weeks that Callum was in the NICU, and we were able to customize the room so that it worked for us. I appreciated the family shower and used that every day. We ate every meal at the hospital and so we enjoyed eating in the courtyard adjoining the NICU, which was a welcome break from being indoors.

We felt we knew everyone by the time we left! Everyone was so supportive. They knew we had only just moved here, and so they encouraged us to take breaks to go home and unpack during Callum’s stay in the NICU. They really cared about everything they were doing. They played and interacted with Callum every time they came in and answered all our questions.

Nearly a year later, Callum is growing well. Even though he’s a preemie, he caught up quickly and is starting to walk. He’s right on track.