but despite that, it was important for him and his wife, Tina, to find a way to give back. They donated $20 a month to help feed the hungry. It was all the couple could afford.

“Giving back has always been something that we have prioritized in our life,” Emison said.

Thirty years later, they saw the reality of a global pandemic creep into their community. Now blessed with
the ability to help, they vowed to do just that.

“This is our home, our friends, our family,” said Bill Emison. “We are fortunate and blessed to be in a
position where we can make a difference.”

The Stillwater-area couple came up with a plan to try and support the work being done by health providers
treating COVID-19 patients.

“They are braver than me,” said Bill Emison when asked about those doctors and nurses ready to serve their
community. “That’s gutsy work to put your life on the line. That’s brave.”

The couple donated $275,000 to hospitals across the St. Croix Valley, with $123,000 directed toward Lakeview
Hospital. The money has been used to purchase two ventilators for use in the intensive care unit, a mobile
ventilator for use in transporting patients via ambulance and a video laryngoscope for intubating patients
that opens airways for breathing.

“We have wonderful and talented health care providers in our community, but we wanted to make sure that they
also had the equipment to serve the needs of our community,” said Tina Emison.

The next phase of the plan is to inspire the community to match their donation. The Emisons say it’s simple
to help out. They are urging everyone to write a check or go online and make a donation to the Lakeview
Health Foundation, by simply adding the word “ventilator” to the memo or designation line.

“This is right in our neighborhood. These are the people down the street,” Emison said. “We are trying to
support the community as best we can, and we want other people to get up to the plate as well.”

When you donate to our COVID-19 Response and Relief Fund, you’re supporting patients, families and our entire
community. You’re also providing much needed safety equipment for care teams at our hospitals and clinics.
These teams are working tirelessly to keep us all safe; your gifts are making that possible.

Please select from the foundations listed below to make your gift. Thank you.