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Strokes are the leading cause of disability in the United States, one occurring every 40 seconds, and taking a life approximately every four minutes. There are treatments that we can give to reverse the damage of stroke but these medications can only be given within a small time window of the beginning of symptoms.


Face drooping

Is one side of the face drooping or numb? Is the person having trouble seeing in one or both eyes?


Arm weakness

Is one arm weak or numb? Is the person having trouble with balance or coordination?


Speech difficulty

Is speech slurred or hard to understand? Is the person confused?


Time to call 911

Get the person to the hospital immediately.

Minnesota's first comprehensive Stroke Center

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After a stroke

The sooner we can care for you after a stroke, the better your outcome will be. Whether you need emergency stroke care or stroke rehabilitation services, Regions Stroke Center (Minnesota’s first Comprehensive Stroke Center) has a team of experts, including neurologists, neurointensivists, neurohospitalists, neuro-interventional radiologists and neurosurgeons, on hand to provide you with the highest level of care and best treatment options available.

Park Nicollet’s Stroke INSPIRE program provides support and education to stroke and brain injury survivors and their families. In addition to classes and support groups, our learning center offers the latest information on strokes, brain injuries and other neurological disorders affecting children and adults.

Hudson Hospital Cardiac Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT) team provides therapy services for stroke recovery. The team offers education to keep your heart functioning properly including proper diet, exercise, stress management, and avoiding unhealthy habits that impact your heart. During your therapy, staff can monitor your recovery via wireless heart telemetry throughout the Rehabilitation Center.