Stroke Care

During a stroke, every minute matters. The first minutes and hours after stroke symptoms first appear are when certain stroke treatments can be most effective.

Getting the right care at the right time can make a critical difference for treatment and recovery, so you and your family need a collaborative team with both expertise and experience.

At Methodist Hospital, our stroke care has been nationally recognized for excellence and responsiveness. We’re equipped to manage any kind of stroke or stroke complication, earning DNV GL certification as a comprehensive stroke center. That means we’re able to provide you the best, most advanced stroke treatment in our region. Our coordinated team includes emergency doctors, board-certified neurologists, nurses specially trained in stroke care and other stroke experts. Together, we stand ready around-the-clock to quickly assess your stroke symptoms and take action, saving vital time when it’s most important.

Our expertise doesn’t end at immediate stroke care – our onsite rehabilitation program has stroke recovery specialists to help you or your loved one heal and regain independence. Every patient’s stroke rehabilitation and recovery timeline are different. We’ll put together a personalized treatment plan focused on your best possible recovery. And our Stroke INSPIRE program combines community outreach, education and support to bring survivors and their families together.

Outstanding stroke care and rehabilitation is close to home with the stroke center at Methodist Hospital.

Complete stroke care and rehabilitation

A stroke affects each person differently. If you or someone you know shows any stroke warning signs, call 911 immediately.

At Methodist, we treat all types of stroke and transient ischemic attack (TIA). From initial symptoms to outpatient recovery, we offer a full range of stroke treatment services to help you or your family member get the latest, fastest, most effective care and recovery:

  • 24/7 emergency stroke response
  • Advanced brain imaging for longer treatment windows
  • The latest clot-busting technology
  • Brain hemorrhage treatment
  • Brain aneurysm treatment
  • Surgery and stenting
  • Tailored rehabilitation from stroke recovery specialists
  • Ongoing therapy, support and education to aid recovery

Nationally recognized for stroke care excellence

When a stroke happens, you want the best treatment, quickly.

Recognition in the below programs reflects our commitment to timely, appropriate stroke care at the highest levels of quality and responsiveness:

From the first moment you see us, we’ll put these certifications and honors to work just for you. We’ve helped thousands of people experiencing or recovering from a stroke get the right treatment. We’ll help you or your loved one, too.


Park Nicollet’s Stroke INSPIRE program offers support and education for people recovering from strokes. Classes and support groups – in addition to a dedicated learning center – focus on stroke rehabilitation as well as stroke prevention, intervention and awareness among the public.

A wide variety of programs and clubs are available to help people continue their stroke recovery in supportive, community-based settings. Rehabilitative offerings, like Speakers Club, focus on rebuilding communication skills. Arts programs, like Camera Club, combine creativity with therapy. And support groups, like Coffee Talk, provide a relaxed space to discuss recovery with other people who have been impacted by a stroke.

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