Clinical Simulation Center

A learning center for all areas of health care, based in St. Louis Park

The Clinical Simulation Center is a place where health care providers can sharpen their skills and prepare for emergencies using the most advanced training technology. It’s conveniently located in St. Louis Park on the Methodist Hospital campus.

In its first year of use alone, more than 1,600 people trained at the Simulation Center. They represented at least 140 different practice areas and 52 roles.


The Clinical Simulation Center is available for reservation for teams at Methodist Hospital, Park Nicollet and our many community partners. It’s the ideal training setting for medical students and care teams from nursing homes, clinics and hospitals.

What you’ll find at the training center

Our center features two versatile patient rooms, a conference space, task trainers and high-tech computerized mannequins that replicate many patient actions and responses, including sweating, seizure, crying and birth. It’s also possible to run mock codes.

The equipment can be used to practice:

  • Cardiac and/or respiratory arrest response
  • Central line insertion
  • Da Vinci procedures
  • IV insertion
  • Safe patient handling
  • Urinary catheter insertion
  • Labor and birth support


We support all types of simulation activities, including formal courses with established coursework and informal practice. Activities may use mannequins, live actors, task trainers or a combination. Some programs are designed for organizations or departments to attend. Others allow individuals to register.

We have discipline-specific programs available for groups such as nursing, patient transport, housekeeping, pharmacy, physicians and respiratory therapy. Simulation is a great tool for interprofessional education.

All of our programs are customizable to meet your needs.

Supporting care teams, putting patients first

There are many reasons that providers choose to train at the Clinical Simulation Center. Simulations challenge care teams to make decisions and have difficult conversations that are critical to patient safety. Often they focus on complex or high-risk cases that aren’t commonly seen.

By practicing with simulations, care providers can give real patients the best experience possible. They develop, update and refresh their skills, and they learn how to serve patients with special needs.

When your team chooses to train at the Clinical Simulation Center, you’ll benefit from:

  • Hands-on exposure to high-risk and complicated situations
  • Real-time practice having difficult conversations and making decisions critical to patient safety
  • Recording capabilities to enhance debriefing and reflective learning
  • Supportive group learning


Methodist Hospital, First Floor
6500 Excelsior Blvd.
St. Louis Park, MN 55426