For health's sake · The groove to move


Making movement and exercise fun for everyone – from toddlers to teens and kids to adults

Bumps on a log, or kids on the couch? Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

On average, American kids and teens spend over seven hours per day in front of screens. That can make it difficult for them to get the essential movement their bodies need to grow up healthy.

The benefits of motion and play make an almost endless list: better strength, motor skills, mental health, sleep, social skills and so much more. And besides all that, it’s fun! But how can you get (and keep) your kids moving, playing and exercising?

Katie Ellison and Jacob Hunt of the PowerUp initiative sat down with us on For Health’s Sake to talk about finding – and sticking with – the recommended 60 minutes of daily family movement. They shared expert tips on:

  • Why it’s important for toddlers, kids and teens to be active
  • How everyone can move more and use screens less
  • Simple, realistic ways to put more activity into your family’s everyday routines

Your kids are ready to get up and go – they may just need the right encouragement. Listen in to discover insider advice for making healthy, regular play something both you and your kids will get excited about.