For health's sake · Tiny teeth care

How to make teething easier (for your baby, and for you)

So far, the first few months with your new baby have been pretty peaceful. Then all of a sudden, the waterworks start flowing: crying, drooling, constant crankiness… What’s going on here? Take a quick peek inside their mouth – it may be teething time already.

Teething is when your child’s baby teeth begin to erupt through their gums. This process usually starts around 6 to 12 months of age. And it can be an uncomfortable time (for both the baby and their parents). So how do you ease your child’s teething pain – and protect their brand new chompers against cavities and decay?

On this episode of For Health’s Sake, we’re talking with Dr. Jessica Najarian-Bell, a pediatrician at Stillwater Medical Group. Dr. Najarian-Bell covers the essentials of teething and baby teeth care, including:

  • When teething usually starts (and ends)
  • Common signs and symptoms of teething
  • Which teething remedies to try – and which to avoid
  • The five most important things every parent should know about protecting baby teeth

Teething won’t go on forever, but good dental habits can. Listen in to get expert advice on how you can turn teething remedies into healthy tooth care that lasts a lifetime.