1. Please see a doctor who’s covered.

Before you make an appointment, check to make sure our insurance covers the doctor (or physical therapist, or chiropractor, or whomever). Log into your online account and search, or call the insurance company and ask.

Every health insurance plan has a list of doctors (and other providers) they cover. These doctors make up what the plan calls their network. If you get care in the network, it costs less, and insurance helps pay. If you get care outside the network, it costs more, and insurance helps pay for less or not at all.

2. Please check the pharmacy before filling your prescription.

If you need a medicine – especially an expensive one or one you refill every month – check where you can get it cheapest. Log into your online account and search, or call the insurance company and ask.

Prices vary at different pharmacies. You could save money at the place down the street. You might even be able to get the best deal by mail, or by getting a three-month supply instead of a one-month supply.

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3. Please know what to do in an emergency – and do it.

Know ahead of time what you’d do if you need medical attention right away, like what urgent care clinics our insurance covers or if there’s a great ER close by. Of course if it’s an emergency, don’t waste time worrying about insurance – call 9-1-1 and get help right away. And then call your mother!

A Gift for You

Download this short worksheet and we'll fill it out together with your plan details. Hang onto it for when you need care.