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Take a look at our insurance plans available in Minnesota and Wisconsin. See your options, and choose a plan and premium that are right for you. You can also see which prescription drugs are covered and which doctors and clinics are in network. All medical plans include monthly supplies of insulin for no more than $25.

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If you live in the Twin Cities metro or St. Cloud area, choose from six Peak plans for coverage and care.

Apex plan map - 2021 - 707x515

Live in the Twin Cities metro or western Minnesota? Pick from six Apex plans to find one that meets your needs.

SmartCare plan map - 2021 - 707x515

SmartCare is a lower cost, more convenient approach to health care for people who live in the Twin Cities metro.

Atlas plan map - 2021 - 707x515

If you live in western Wisconsin, choose from seven Atlas plans for medical insurance that fits your lifestyle.

Robin Oak plan map - 2021 - 707x515

If you live in northeastern Wisconsin, our five Robin Oak plans can help you find trusted care and coverage close to home.

For the fourth year in a row, we’ve been the highest-rated health plan for overall member satisfaction among commercial plans in the Minnesota-Wisconsin region, according to J.D. Power. We couldn’t be prouder, and we’re excited to continue delivering exceptional value to our members.

If you’re buying your own dental insurance, we offer quality, low-cost options. You can add a dental plan to most HealthPartners medical plans at any time. Or you can add it to medical insurance you have with another company.

Need to talk to someone?

When you’re enrolling in a new plan, you might have questions. Get in touch with us by calling 952-883-5599 or 877-838-4949. If you prefer, you can send us an email.

You can enroll in an insurance plan during a period of time called open enrollment. Every year, open enrollment starts in November and runs for a specific amount of time that can change each year. You might also be able to enroll if something major changed in your life. Call our Sales team at 952-883-5599 or 877-838-4949 to learn more.

It’s possible to change health insurance mid-year. You can change health insurance if you’ve had a qualifiying life event, like getting married, giving birth or moving.

See if I qualify for a special enrollment

Did you know that you might qualify for a tax credit that helps give you financial assistance to pay for HealthPartners insurance? If you live in Minnesota, you can check MNsure. If you live in Wisconsin, you can check healthcare.gov.

You can usually add your spouse and your children to your health insurance plan. If you have questions about covering your family, the best way to get answers is to call us at 952-883-5599 or 877-838-4949. If you’d like, you can send us an email.

Start by thinking about your medical and dental needs. Are you planning for a big event – like the birth of a child – in the next year? Or are you only planning to visit the doctor for a checkup and flu shot?

You should also look at which doctors, clinics and pharmacies are in your network. If you have a doctor you love, make sure they’re in-network. And if they’re not, see how much it’ll cost to continue seeing them.

Many people also look at the perks and benefits that come with an insurance plan. Things like gym discounts, access to 24/7 online care and support while you’re travelling can make a huge difference.  

We agree – health insurance terms can be confusing. But we make things easy in this helpful glossary. In it, you’ll find the most commonly used insurance terms and what they mean.

See a glossary of insurance terms