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Partnering with us

For decades, we’ve put our heads and hearts together to create innovative insurance plans centered on affordability, rooted in compassion, informed by science and made for members.

Healthier employees, and bottom lines, start here

Healthier employees are more efficient and more committed, ready to prime your business for success. That’s why our employer health plan solutions are based on the expertise and collaboration of diverse health professionals: local doctors, nurses, specialists, researchers, data scientists and so many more.

By bringing health care, coverage and analysis together, we’re improving the quality and efficiency of a critical industry – making it more effective, affordable and human. That means plans that work better for your business, enhancing the well-being of your workforce and your company.

Our group plans are designed with affordability, coverage and member experience at their core. Crafted with compassion, our plans also help employees do their best work (and enjoy it, too).

Knowledge is power. Proven to offer transparent contracting and savings, our RxRevealed Guarantee delivers unparalleled value.

Our health and well-being solutions help improve employee health, increase engagement and reduce costs.

Through proactive care strategies, data modeling and human-centered connections, we help companies keep total cost of care down.

A variety of solutions gives you the flexibility to help meet your employees’ needs – at work, at home or across the country.

Our simple tools make it easy for both members and employers to manage plans. (But locally based help is only a phone call away, too.)

We’re more than just an insurance carrier. Through research and conversation, we’re seeking new ways to create healthier outcomes, improve health equity and lower costs for everyone.

Featuring candid conversations with guests who are making a difference in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion, Off the Charts is a first-of-its-kind podcast focusing on today’s health equity emergency.

More than 400 researchers and 600 clinician educators at the HealthPartners Institute work to innovate, educate and transform health care. Special plan-related research includes health economics, worksite and occupational health, and community and population research.

HealthPartners and HealthPartners UnityPoint Health offer group medical insurance and group dental insurance to organizations based in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. Our national solutions serve members across the country.

We also offer retiree group Medicare plans.